30 May 2007


You were created with tremendous promise and potential. You have a strong sense of purpose and destiny. You know that to be true about yourself. You can feel it. Deep within you there is a dream, the desire for an amazing life, a life of happiness, success, health, peace, prosperity and significance. Yet in most areas it is eluding you. Let me introduce you to wisdom and power that will take your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

For about 20 years I have been counceling and coaching people. All kinds of people - young and old, single or married. I am happily married to a tremendous woman and have four wonderful children. Our home is full of happiness and joy. Many of the people that I was helping, their lives were in agony, pain and chaos. Any person that does not live in the truth of this revelation that I will share with you, is at the mercy of life forces that will take you on a roller-coaster ride of heartache and pain,tragedy and loss,hard toil and few successes.
My life was also once like that. I came from a broken and impoverished family that suffered violent abuse. Until I discovered for myself the greatest revelation. I went from a struggling young man, from a broken family, to a loving husband and father, counsellor and coach and millionaire in under 10 years.
Many amazing things started to happen almost immediatelly in my life. I will share THE GREATEST REVELATION with you. It will release you into your destiny.Your life will never be the same again. You can enjoy the most beautiful and amazing life right now. Welcome to THE GREATEST REVELATION.

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Trevor said...

Thank you for the introduction, please could you forward more details on the Greatest Revelation. You have my full attention!