08 June 2007

C- How to use the Greatest Revelation


The act of Faith is always a PRESENT TENSE declaration. Faith declares that it is already done. By faith you must believe that whatever you want is already ACCOMPLISHED.
Now the process of manifesting or materializing must take its course. Almost everything we see in life is the result of a process.. If you violate the process and required steps then you cannot obtain the desired end result. Babies are the result of the process of pregnancy. Fruit on trees is the result of a process. The inventions we enjoy today are the results of a process. The same is true about believing. It is therefore important that you understand the process and the steps of believing. There are 3 parts to the process of believing:-
1.Stating your faith. 2. Nurturing your faith 3. Waiting for the manifestation of your faith.

Part 1.Stating your faith
a. Focus and control your thoughts
EVERYTHING BEGINS AS THOUGHTS. Scripture says “as a man thinks so is he”. Even God knows what you will say before you open your mouth. How? He knows your thoughts. Your thoughts are the truest expression of who you really are and what you really want and believe. Words, feelings, actions, inventions, manifestations of any kind originates as a thought firsts. You cannot even open your mouth to say something that has not been processed as a thought first. You cannot get out of bed or up from a chair or do any physical action without that action required being first processed by your brain as an impulse received from your thoughts. You must understand and appreciate the critical importance of THOUGHTS.
Thoughts are like the “photographic negatives” a photographer develops to create the real photos. It is like the imaging process for pictures. Thoughts ARE the “photographic negatives’ you develop in your mind that will show up as the realities in your life. How many times have you not heard people say “ Picture it”. The images you hold in your mind will be the picture of reality you will have in your life. What is the mental picture you hold of your spouse? If it is a negative ,change it- and soon you will have a positive spouse. What is the mental picture you have of your health, your finances , your relationships . You must always only hold your desires, your positive pictures in your mind and soon it will develop in your life.
The problem is that too many people think and focus only on what they don’t want and it is exactly what still happens over and over in their lives. This thought process is called worrying. You must only focus on what you do want. You must always ,confidently, peacefully , expectantly and willfully determine to have only good thoughts about every area or relationship in your life. Your mind is like a clock that must be set to the right time or else it will wander off. It is amazing how many people are unaware of the fact that they are thinking. It’s like they go through life mindlessly. Have you ever found yourself saying:’ What was I thinking?” Do not just let your thoughts run wild, uncontrollably. You must always SET YOUR MIND, -FOCUS YOUR MIND to what you want and then don’t just think about it once. Think about it all the time. Imagine it, meditate upon it, visualize it, dream about it. Cut out posters of it and paste it on your fridge. Let it become your passion. Your thoughts will shape your beliefs and your beliefs will manifest in your life.

b-Establish your foundations of believing.
Where do you get the ideas from for what you want? Where do they come from? How did you form them? Are they just expressions of something you need or want in your life? What are the thought concepts of your faith? All people have been created with a level of faith but their level can be vastly increased. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. Mankind may have some noble concepts, philosophies and ideas but if you really want to experience the best, the supernatural, the divine, then your concepts, needs and wants must be based on the word of God. The word of God is SPIRIT AND IT IS LIFE. IT IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF EXPRESSED AND FORMULATED THOUGHT. It will shape your thoughts to give you immeasurably above what you can ask, think or imagine. God will do great things in your life because He loves you. He will do supernatural miracles in your life, all for His GLORY.
The WORD OF GOD is the seed. See Jesus’ amazing teaching about the word of God as the seed in Mark 4. The eleventh verse of this chapter says that if you do not understand this parable then you can’t understand any other parable. The understanding that the word is the seed that contains whatever you desire is the most amazing breakthrough you will ever make. Like the seed of an apple contains within itself many apples and has within itself the power to reproduce after its kind, so it is also with the word of God. It contains in SEED-WORD form the perfect item you want in your life. All that it requires is the fertile soil of a believing mind and heart.
If you want a happy marriage, a thriving business, an outstanding education, a life of luxury and prosperity, the perfect life partner for you or a perfect and healthy body, just find out where in the word of GOD your desire is addressed. Put it into your heart and mind, BELIEVE IT and by FAITH you will have it.
Faith comes by hearing the word of God. You might believe that you may be healthy, but the word of God if you believe it will let you enjoy divine health and everlasting life. The problem with most people is that they don’t know the word of God . Many others have memorized it but they have not believed it.
You must not just memorize the word of God. You must believe what it says. It was given to you to believe it not just to memorize it. Its power is released ONLY when you believe it. DON’T JUST MEMORIZE IT, QUOTE IT OR SING ABOUT IT. BELIEVE IT! Form the best desires for every area of your life after it. Form the best person you can be according to what the word of God says you can be. Form the best marriage, abundant money , education ,happiness ,health , purpose - whatever you wish for by the thought concepts the word of God teaches you.
The word of God has the divine Authority ,Power and Permission to Accomplish what you believe it to do in your life. God sent forth His word and it will not return unto him void . The word of God is your treasure chest to an amazing life. Make it the fountain of your thought-life. Meditate upon it day and night.
The bible says that the word became flesh. IT MANIFESTED OUT OF THE UNSEEN REALM OF THE SPIRIT INTO THE SEEN REALM OF THE PHYSICAL. This means firstly that the word was GOD and became the man JESUS CHRIST. So through getting the word in you, into your heart and mind you are getting God inside of you. The more you spend time in the word you learn all GODS amazing principles, but more importantly you spend time with HIM. Can you imagine have continual access and communion with the most powerful being of the universe? GOD lives inside of you and because of that, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE. The very words that GOD SPEAKS about any area in your life will manifest. It will appear from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. God will do this in your life because THE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE IS TO BRING HIM GLORY and because HE PASSIONATELY LOVES YOU.

c. Unleash the power of prayer
Pray it into reality. Prayer is speaking to God. The above steps of this process is all about you getting very clear about what you want. Now it is Gods turn to intervene. He personally desires you to be successful in every area of your life. Prayer also aligns your will and desires with that of God. God is all good. God is all love.
In praying you call upon the highest power in the universe to come to your assistance. Prayer enables supernatural power to manifest anything out of the unseen to the seen physical realm. Praying releases Gods Presence, Power, Protection and Provision into your life. Through prayer you will also cultivate a relationship of intimacy with God and you will discover Him to be a LOVING Father.
It is when you pray “IN THE NAME OF JESUS” , THAT GOD gives His PERMISSION, POWER AND AUTHORITY TO GRANT YOUR PRAYERS. Pray in faith believing you have received what you’ve asked God for. Pray in expectation. Pray in joy. Once you are clear on what you want you must simply
1. ASK Him. 2. Believe that you will have it. 3. Receive from him.

d. Wield words of power

Speak it into being . Your confession is important. Your words must align with your thinking. The power of life and death is in your tongue. Fuel your positive beliefs with positive words - with affirmative words. This is why it is so important to fill your heart and mind with THE WORD OF GOD. GOD LOVES YOU AND IS EXTREMELY POSITVE ABOUT YOU. CONFESS THE WORD OF GOD. Always speak in the present. I am well. I am rich. I am happy. I am a blessing. I have a great marriage. Always speak words of encouragement and affirmation over your own life and over others. Speak positively about your relationships, your children or anything you want in life. Don’t say:” I don’t want to be sick”, say:” I AM HEALTHY” If you find your thoughts being negative you interrupt it by audibly speaking the thought out positively. You destroy negative thoughts by positive words. Your tongue must be a pure life-giving fountain.

Part 2 - Nurturing your faith
a. Determine to love at all times
Faith works by love. Love is like power boost fertilizer to your faith. If you really want to see results fast, then determine to be a person that is consumed by love. The greatest commandment ever given is to love God and to love your neighbor as you love Yourself. Love GOD. Love OTHERS. Love YOURSELF. Determine to owe no man anything, but to love them. Love is an Action- DO unto others what you want them to do unto you. Hold no bad feelings toward anyone, forgive them, help them, give them what they need. Love is also an Emotion. Fill your life with feelings of goodwill and kindness toward all. God is Love. The more you love the more you are like God. The more you are like God the more His GRACE AND POWER WILL BE MANIFESTED IN YOUR LIFE, and whatever you want will happen by faith.

b. Harness your feelings
You must understand the utter importance of your FEELINGS. Feelings are the results of thoughts. You cannot think of something positive and feel negative. You cannot also believe for something positive and feel negative. Feel the joy and excitement of having your beliefs fulfilled. Enjoy it right now. Don’t wait for it to show up. Celebrate it now whilst you are waiting for it to materialize. You must always joyfully welcome the expectation of your desires. Expressing strong feelings of joy and excitement is the welcome party to all the manifestations of your beliefs.
Can you imagine planting seed and not feeding it or watering it regularly. You must always enthusiastically rejoice over your expectation. Positive feelings of happiness is the fuel you give your thoughts to arrive even quicker. You must be determined to be a happy person at all times. When you feel sad or worried it is mostly an indication that you are thinking and expecting something negative to develop and show up. You must immediately change your feelings to positive and expect a positive outcome. You must control your feelings or your feelings will control you. Once your feelings control you you’ll start to be negative and think negative and form negative beliefs and negative things will manifest. So always determine to celebrate positive feelings. You control your feelings with your thoughts and you can control your thoughts of happiness with enjoyable music, comedies and fun activities with friends and loved ones. Always engage in something that brightens up every moment of your life. It might just be a smile you gave or received. It might just be a compliment you gave or received.
Make your own happiness by giving joy, laughter and fun to others. Manufacture bottles of it and give it away at no charge and you’ll find yourself receiving far more than you could ever have imagined.

c. Living in the grace of gratitude
Live in Gratitude .As you wait for your request to manifest remain in an attitude of gratitude and thanks.
Thank God and be happy and thankful that the minute you have asked anything of Him your request was granted.. Don’t wait only till you receive the actual manifestation of your prayer. The truth is that the minute you asked Him, YOUR REQUEST WAS GRANTED. It will show up imminently
Gratitude is the first cousin of happiness. These two go hand in hand. When we are always in an attitude of gratitude even about the simplest things in life God responds even quicker to our prayers. Live in a constant state of gratitude. Despite circumstances, live in gratitude. Even in adversity stay in gratitude. Always thank and express gratitude and thanks to people as well. Gratitude is the oil that makes the wheels of life run smoothly. One way to express our gratitude is to sing songs of praise and worship as an affirmation that you trust God to bring about what we have asked of Him. This way of expressing gratitude is extremely important and powerful. It should always be our joy to adore, praise and worship God. We don’t do it to patronize God into giving us what we want, but as acknowledgement that He is Almighty and worthy of it. Fill your days and moments, fill your heart and mind with an overflow of beautiful music and songs of adoration.

PART 3 - Waiting for the manifestations of your faith
a. Take inspired action
This is not passive waiting but active waiting. Take action. Faith without action is dead. This will not be a drag and excruciating hard labor, but rather a joy because you will do what you enjoy. You are Gods co-worker in creating your life. You have found your bliss and are passionately enjoying what you do. Your job is always to do your best and by faith expect the best outcome. Now leave the rest up to God. His divine supernatural power and His Holy Spirit will go to work and will do whatever it takes to crown you with success. You will receive amazing divine favour , opportunity and assistance as God will let all kinds of circumstances, people and resources flow into your life to give you what you want by faith. You don’t have to stress and struggle about what you must do. The action you take will be more a matter of inspiration and revelation than perspiration. If it is a fantastic relationship you want you will be inspired to give more love and friendliness. If it is a certain career you want, you will be inspired to align yourself with the right situation to receive your desire. Doors will open for you. Recognize it and seize the opportunity. If it is more money you want, you will be inspired with the right idea, opportunity or activity or business to pursue. Like blessings from heaven things will happen and you’ll just flow with it. Get excited and enthusiastic about it. Your life will never be the same.

b. Practice the power of generosity
You will be amazed at how much you have to give. You are a being of tremendous ability and resources.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have nothing to give. By practicing generosity you are affirming your faith that everything will be well with you, -exactly as you have believed and that out of your overflow you are in a position to give. This is the ultimate position and declaration of your faith. Don’t first wait for things to show up in your life before you can give to others. Give from what you have. Everyday when you get up you get a bank account filled with Time, Friendliness, Helpfulness, Kindness, Understanding, Wisdom and other godly virtues. Give it away generously for as you give it will be given back to you. You will receive in good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over.

c. Cultivate the virtue of patience
Wait confidently, patiently, expectantly. Whatever you want is already a reality ,it is only unseen. It might just be that you have to position yourself to receive it. You will receive many things immediately. Other things will happen as a process and other things will take a little bit of time, but YOU WILL RECEIVE WHATEVER YOU WANT BY FAITH. Never surrender your faith, hold onto it until you have what you’ve believed for. Faith is like seed. A seed is already the complete and perfect product that it will produce but the product is unseen. Once planted in the fertile soil of your believing heart and mind it immediately starts to grow to produce the product. You must patiently and excitedly anticipate the perfect product you hoped for. Believing is only complete once patience has produced its fruits.

Practice this process of believing everyday for at least fifteen minutes. It is best experienced every morning at the start of your day. Do not leave your house without having practiced it. Incorporate it into your time of prayer and meditation. By it you will order your day and will not just be bumped by people or the forces of life beyond and out of your control. Even when you are confronted with anything unexpected or out of your control you will have enough power to deal with it successfully. Do it in the afternoon and again in the evening. The more you practice this process of believing it will become natural and an easy part of your life. Practice it for anything you want in your life.
You must determine to “live by faith and not by sight”. Whatever you want is already. FAITH IS ALWAYS PRESENT TENSE. By FAITH God will amaze you as He will release His goodness over you to make your life beautiful, because the purpose of your life is to bring Him Glory.

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