03 July 2007

6. The Revelation of WEALTH AND RICHESS

You were created to live and enjoy a life of wealth and richess. You are a citizen of the most amazing planet in the universe. It is abundantly full of everything you need to live like a king or a queen. That was God’s plan and design for this planet and every life on it right from the start. Every person is wealthy but not everyone is yet rich. Wealth has the ability to produce richess. The day you understand that you are wealthy and can from your state of wealth produce richess is the day that a lot of your struggling will cease and you can access abundance and your life will be a joy.
Wealth is simply inherent qualities that money cannot buy. You cannot put a price tag or estimation on wealth. You were loaded with immense wealth and that makes you priceless. Regardless of where you were born or what your current circumstances may be, you cannot be made wealthier than the day you were born. It is just a matter of uncovering your wealth. Once you do that, you will find it easy to become rich. The scripture says that the Kingdom of God is within you. It also teaches that once you have discovered the Kingdom of God all material richess will be given to you.
Here is your position of wealth:-You are immeasurably valuable. No amount of money, treasure or possessions can be traded for your life. You are loaded with the very nature of God Almighty. Everything you need is placed inside of you and you have the awesome ability and power to materialize it on the outside. You are a being of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, mercy, faithfulness and self-control. You have the awesome capacity to inspire hope. You have the amazing ability to give help. Wherever you go you make the world a better place. Your smile and laughter is like gold-dust you sprinkle everywhere you go. You exude love and it fragrances the atmosphere. You have inner strength and fortitude to overcome the worst challenges, setbacks and disappointments. You are highly intelligent and although you came naked into this world you can through your intelligence cloth yourself, feed yourself and create every invention known to man. God made you AWESOME. You are wealthy because you are a child of the King of Kings. Once you accept that you are wealthy beyond measure you will realize that for you ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
You can produce richess simply because you can. You were born with the inherent capacity and capability to produce richess. You may need some education in some arenas but in most you don’t. You must first in your mind, through your thoughts design your position of richess you want in your life. WHEN YOU CAN BELIEVE IT YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT.
Most people want to settle to be an employee. If you want to really be rich you must decide to deploy your richess from within you. There are over six billion people in the world today. Every single one needs some product or service. The key to tap into that income potential is to determine to sincerely serve people and not just run after money. The measure of the income of your richess will be determined by the measure that you are prepared to really serve people. Never pursue richess at the expense of true wealth and godliness. Many people have lost their very souls in the pursuit of richess at the expense of godliness. Be rich toward God and don’t just race to store up richess for yourself. As you put God first in your life He will not withhold from you any good thing.
You must find the best ‘ Richess Creation Vehicle" for yourself. There are primarily FOUR. The first arena is the area of ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Start a business and design it to be highly successful and profitable. You may have a trading shop, a manufacturing plant an internet business or a property business. There is a business idea inside of you. The second area is that of a SPECIALIST. You can pursue an academic or personal course of study and render your service as a specialist to governments, companies, people and society at large. The third arena is that of INVESTMENTS and trading in shares, on STOCKMARKETS. The final arena is that of being a PROFESSIONAL. In this arena you may want to harness a talent such as a sporting, musical, acting painting or some creative ability.
The most important aspect of your richess creation vehicle is that it must be an asset. It must produce abundant cash-flow into your life every month. If you want to be rich build assets. Build your business as an asset. Build your investments as an asset. Develop you skills and craft as an asset. Richess is determined by the amount of assets you build and how much monthly cash-flow you receive from them . Educate your self about financial matters. Be diligent in all your endeavours.
Here is the key to really experience amazing richess in any area.
You must through the power of faith and the process of believing design the ‘ Richess Creation Vehicle" for yourself.
Get a Team. Your team will multiply your economical potential exponentially.
Multiply and branch out. You can now reach the whole world via the internet.
You must always improve your financial intelligence. Know the business of successful business. Don’t just leave everything to accountants and attorneys and staff. Get educated and improve your financial I.Q. Read books and attend seminars.
Be generous in giving. Through your generosity others will also become economically active. Don’t just give ‘handouts" give "hand-ups". Help poor and destitute people and communities to produce richess for themselves.

Apply the law of faith and believe to UNLOCKING WEALTH AND RICHESS IN YOUR LIFE.
1.I AM WEALTHY SIMPLY BECAUSE I AM. God created me with immeasurable wealth inside of me. I am wealthy in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, mercy, faithfulness and self-control.
My RICHESS CREATION VEHICLES ARE ………………………………….. My business is a highly successful asset. I receive a net profit income of $………. Daily. I have a team of …………………… staff. I have ……………… amount of branches and serve in the following geographical areas.
I AM GENEROUS IN HELPING PEOPLE BECOMING ECONOMICALLY ACTIVE. I am currently engaged in this project of helping this person, family or organization to become rich.


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