17 August 2007


You are an amazing being. Your body, your temple, is also the place where God lives. When your life is in harmony with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE and the realm of the supernatural is totally normal and natural to you. When we do not exercise faith we condemn ourselves to a life in which we only engage our known senses and physical and intellectual ability. Faith is the stuff of the supernatural. The scripture says that without faith it is impossible to please God. Where our natural ability has failed many individuals have discovered the amazing and awe inspiring results of an active faith. Where counselors gave up on people and relationships and marriage, faith worked miracles. Where doctors gave condemning reports of all kinds of sickness and disease, faith astounded them. When many businesses should have been bankrupted faith came through. When many situations looked totally hopeless faith turned the tide. There is absolutely nothing impossible for you who believe.
We live in a time where many people mock and ridicule faith. Yet it is in this day and age that more of divine supernatural intervention is needed, more than ever before. Determine to live by faith and you will welcome the supernatural into your life like it is as natural for the sun to rise every day. You must determine to live by faith for every area in your life. Saturate your goals, desires, family, children, business, studies, financial goals, health and every aspect of life in faith. This means that you will call upon God living inside of you to release supernatural power, ability and favour into every area of your life and that of others. Placing your faith in Jesus Christ and in the power of His name is the key to living a supernatural life.
A life lived in the supernatural is the greatest evidence and witness to the power and the glory of God in you. Do not settle for anything less. The supernatural does not ask: How is it going to happen? When is it going to happen. Where and Why? The supernatural only asks ONE question - DO YOU BELIEVE ?
Determine to live a supernatural life in the following areas:-
To be the MOST FANTASTIC person you can be.

To be the MOST AMAZING spouse you can be.
To be the GREATEST parent or child you can be.
To be a Divinely Anointed servant and minister in whatever your calling and gift.– to be a soul-winner, a healer, a miracle worker.
To live in ABUNDANT and OVERFLOWING supernatural financial and material provision.
To live in AMAZING AND DIVINE supernatural health and miracles.
To display GODLY supernatural help to others in every area of need.